Every Camp Fire program employs the Thrive Theory of Change methodology, helping youth find their Sparks, lift their Voice, and discover who they are. Our trained, caring adult leaders then nurture that discovery giving youth the tools they need to become leaders in their community, school, or their peer group today. Delivered before, during and after school, or in volunteer-led club settings, Camp Fire programs include: conflict resolution, healthy lifestyle, community action, leadership training, outdoor learning, and more. Camp Fire Out-of-School-Time programs provide youth with so much more than simply a place to go before and after school while parents work. When Camp Fire partners with your school, students have the opportunity to work with trained, caring adults who can help them with their goals, teach them about health and wellness, keep them active, engage them in community service projects, or provide mentoring regarding challenges youth face today. Our programs are uniquely focused to help youth thrive.