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Picture-1: Camp Fire Alumni participating in an annual community service project, "Cookies for Hospice."

Picture-2: Beverly Hutchinson Thompson, a Camp Fire Girl, Natoma Council of Camp Fire

The Camp Fire Law is a treasure to alumni Beverly Hutchinson Thompson. Bev grew up in the 1940's, attending the Camp Fire Girls Camp –Camp Natoma, located on the Central Coast of California. She often reflects on the foundational skills and relationships she learned and cherished during those years at the Camp Fire Camp. Bev loves the Camp Fire Law and in her own words says, “The Camp fire Law says it all.” Her memory is that at every meal, all the campers would sing the Camp Fire Law. She still loves to sing the historic song, and will harmonize beautifully with anyone who will sing along. The Law of the Camp Fire Girls is deep within Bev’s heart. In August 2019, friends presented Beverly wtih a plaque commemorating the Law of the Camp Fire, which includes symbols from Bev's ceremonial headband and colors that reflect the bright light within her. Instead of the dining hall at the summer camp, the Camp Fire Law now hangs prominently in Bev’s living room. She says it will come with her wherever she goes! Bev has lots of wonderful Camp Fire memories.

You will always be a part of our Camp Fire family.

Whether you spent your summers at camp, discovered Camp Fire after school, or earned emblems at club, you will always be a part of our Camp Fire family. Together, we share one Camp Fire experience. We can all share stories about how our Camp Fire experience shaped us into the men and women we are today. We are glad to reconnect with you. We are glad you are home. Tell us a bit about yourself. Please share your story, and find opportunities to reconnect with friends.

Help Camp Fire Connect with our Alumni!

Camp Fire is looking for alumni stories, particularly from our older alumni who may not have access to the internet or email. You can help us connect with them! Please email and send us your stories.


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