Welcome to Camp Fire’s Alumni Website and Wohelo!

You will always be a part of our Camp Fire family.

Whether you spent your summers at camp, discovered Camp Fire after school, or earned emblems at club, you will always be a part of our Camp Fire family. Together, we share one Camp Fire experience. We can all share stories about how our Camp Fire experience shaped us into the men and women we are today. We are glad to reconnect with you. We are glad you are home. Tell us a bit about yourself. Please share your story, and find opportunities to reconnect with friends.


Help Camp Fire Connect with our Alumni!

Camp Fire is looking for alumni stories, particularly from our older alumni who may not have access to the internet or email. You can help us connect with them! They can call 800-398-4987 to share their stories with us. You can also help by printing off this form and giving it to them so they can send us their stories!

"I was 9 years old in 1941 and spent that year and many more at Camp Natoma. My daughter also spent her youth at camp. In our time, we had Junior Counselors and I also returned as Camp Director for three years after working as an employee there. I had also worked there as the Program Director. Therefore I would like to renew my membership this year." -Eunice Pierce, 84 years old

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