The WOHELO Award

The word “Wohelo” was coined as the watchword of Camp Fire by founder Charlotte Gulick and is derived from the first two letters of the words “work,” “health” and “love.”

The Wohelo Award is the highest achievement in Camp Fire. This prestigious award is specifically for teens in the ninth grade or higher and allows for opportunities for personal development, leadership and advocacy for important issues.  Teens in both Teens in Action and Horizon are eligible to earn the Wohelo Award.

The award is earned by completing an intensive and highly individualized project. Teens will design their own individual project plan based on his or her interests, values and goals. Completing the Wohelo Award requirements takes hard work, dedication, motivation, creativity, determination and discipline.  However, it is also one of the most rewarding Camp Fire experiences youth will ever have.

WoHeLo Recipients 2013

WoHeLo Recipients 2016

There are two paths to earning the Wohelo Award, and each teen selects the way that is best for him or her. The two paths are:

Horizon: This path may be selected by teens who have been in a classic Camp Fire small group for many years and who are familiar with and active in the Horizon program.

Teens in Action: This path may be selected by teens who have only been in Camp Fire for a short time OR who are familiar with and active in Teens in Action.

The two paths are equally exciting and challenging, and both contain three common components. The components are usually completed in the order listed here.

 1. Program Projects

Completing the program projects (reflection projects in Horizon, or challenges and quests in Teens in Action) is a part of the Wohelo Award plan because the projects provide opportunities for teen’s to explore their potential and to demonstrate that they are caring, self-directed and responsible to themselves and others.

 2. Camp Fire History Lesson

In this component, teens learn more about the history of Camp Fire, their local council or chapter, Camp Fire’s structure and programs.

3. Commitment to Action and Advocacy

To earn the Wohelo Award, teens will also be asked to demonstrate their commitment to action and advocacy through their work with three different issues. One issue must be related to Camp Fire. The other two issues may be about a topic of their choice. Teens will advocate for these three issues by doing the following:

  • Leading,
  • Teaching,
  • Serving and
  • Speaking out.

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