What’s the difference between Camp Fire, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?

All three are great youth development organizations that help youth build character and self-esteem through outdoor learning, leadership, creativity, and community service activities.

Camp Fire is family oriented – especially since boys and girls can be in the same club – and encourages mothers and fathers to become leaders or assistant leaders.

Another difference is that the Camp Fire program is flexible, providing freedom and room for creativity. Program materials are well organized yet adaptable to each group's unique interests, location, and resources. Our Clubs tend to be smaller, with an emphasis on each individual: their Sparks, interests, and areas in which they wish to grow. We refer to our Leaders as Spark Champions and encourage them to help each Youth Club Member lift their Voice, find their own Sparks, uncover their own potential, and Thrive through outdoor learning, leadership, creativity, and community service. We help youth become the exceptional people they are destined to be, buoyant with potential to do anything they dream of doing.