Volunteers Are Our Future

Dear Staff, Board Members, Leaders & Volunteers
Your work with children and youth is meaningful, significant, and valuable. For some, your work may be critical for the well-being of a child or it may provide encouragement for a family. I appreciate how all of you deliver our programming and services with enthusiasm and professionalism, giving of yourselves wholeheartedly.

As we celebrate 80 Years on the California Coast, it is our desire that our council emerge as the inclusive organization that it is, reaching more children and youth with our impactful message; in Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

Going into 2015 our mission has never been so important. To me, to “light the fire within” means that at the very least, we enhance a child’s life to aid them in reaching their fullest potential. At the very most, our work may change a child’s life, propelling them on a path toward success and away from a path toward gangs, drugs or violence.

We can accomplish dynamic growth from a posture of gratitude, starting even now with thankfulness for our volunteers. Our club leaders are invested in our mission and we must continue to support them in every way possible by providing them with encouragement, program tools and open doors of communication.

Our volunteers in Santa Maria and at Camps Cielo, Tacanneko and Natoma are partners who devote themselves to fulfill our mission, providing thousands of volunteer hours.

Our volunteer Board of Directors guides us to be mission focused and financially responsible in our work. They have demonstrated their willingness to roll up their sleeves and “do what it takes” to assure that our council Thrives! We see all of our volunteers as our partners and an extension of our staff.

It is clear to me that for us to reach 1,000, 2,000, or even 5,000 children in the years to come, we need broad support from our community. We must strengthen and establish partnerships and collaborations with like-minded folks and organizations, starting with our staff and volunteers and blossoming out. These growing relationships will become gateways that will allow us to serve more children and youth, obtain more volunteers and flourish financially.

My promise to you, as a member of our staff, is that I will invest in you by providing an open door for you to express your desires, I will seek out professional development opportunities for you and give you “creative” room to accomplish your goals within your programs.

My desire from you is your continued support and your unabashed passion for Camp Fire and its mission.

Your enthusiasm for Camp Fire is contagious because what you’re sharing is the right message; you are spreading the “spark” and helping our children and their families Thrive!

I wish you and your family the happiest New Year.

With warmest respect,