Teens in Action

The primary purpose of Teens in Action is to support teens in exploring their sparks, allowing them to have a positive impact on their schools and communities through service.

Teens meet once weekly for 8 to 10 weeks in different phases of their project. During the first week or two they get to know one another to discover common interests and abilities. (We call these "Sparks.") Next, they formulate a community service idea that is a good fit for the group as a whole. Next, they invite speakers with knowledge on their subject of interest to help them decide what are some of the ways they can help. Then they choose an organization to help and design a specific plan. Along the way the teens may need to make adjustments to their plans and ideas based on the needs of the organization they decide to help, the tools they have on-hand, the availability of a speaker or a facility, etc. (This is part of what we call GPS: Goal Management Skills.) Finally, they implement their project. For instance, TIA groups have raised funds for animal care, decorated a home for Senior Citizens (pictured,) gone grocery shopping to buy special foods for children with cancer, served a home-cooked meal to homeless individuals and families - as well as many other creative and powerful community service projects. On the final meeting day, the TIA group will celebrate and reflect on what they have accomplished.  Service-learning and reflection are two powerful tools that remain a part of the Camp Fire way of life, even after more than 100 years of providing impactful programming for children and teens.

 Goals & Outcomes of Teens In Action:

  •      Teens develop confidence and leadership skills
  •      Teens ecome prepared to challenge themselves to master new skills and situations
  •      Teens achieve individual and group goals
  •      Teens transform their schools and communities in ways they never thought possible

Check out the letter below about one TIA project or follow this link to see more: community service projects.