Remembering Camp Fire-A Legacy Gift

Camp Fire Central Coast is deeply appreciative of those willing to provide for its work through their estate plan. In uncertain economic times, bequests have become critically important to our organization. They provide a source of support that is not subject to fluctuations in the economy. They come from individuals whose loyalty to our work runs very deep.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity for donors and volunteers to build caring, confident youth and future leaders. 

Camp Fire can be very different for each of us yet the experience affects us profoundly and for a life time. A legacy gift allows us to express our gratitude for our time in Camp Fire and provides opportunities for future generations to share in this essential experience.

Joining our Legacy Circle also allows us to help a new generation of children at Camp Fire and for you to share your legacy intentions. It also gives us a chance to say thank-you and to make certain your dreams and wishes are properly carried out by Camp Fire.
Bequest wording is provided on the website is for educational purposes only. It is always best to review any changes in your will with an attorney to make sure that the change is consistent with your entire estate plan.

Support through a bequest for Camp Fire Central Coast of California in your estate plan is a long term investment into our important work with children and youth. Camp Fire appreciates your thoughtful consideration.