National Volunteer Awards

Blue Ribbon Award

 This national award is for very special volunteers or supportive community persons who have given "above and beyond." 

 Wakan Award

This award is given for exceptional and imaginative leadership and service to youth and the community for a period of several years.

 Hiiteni Award

This award is for extensive and innovative service to youth and the community for 6 to 10 years. The pin is a replica of the original guardian's pin. This award is named in honor of Mrs. Luther Halsey Gulick, whose Camp Fire Indian name was "Hiiteni," which means "life, more abundant, and desire for attainment."

 Good News Award

This award is given to recognize outstanding contributions to the council's public relations efforts. It may be given to volunteer staff, board and committee members who make significant contributions to communicating the Camp Fire message. It may also be awarded for efforts in general areas of advocacy, public relations and community relations, through writing, art, public speaking, testifying, photography or media relations.

 Sebago Award

This award is designed to recognize outstanding volunteers in the field of camping and outdoor programs, such as camp counselors, camp committee members, financial contributors, site developers, program coordinators, trainers, etc. The sun symbol depicts the out-of-doors. It is named after the Gulick's camp in Maine.

 Charlotte Joy Farnsworth Award

This award recognizes contributions to a region, district or large geographic section of the council in the area of broad overall administrative operations. It is named in honor of one of the founding members of the organization.

 John Collier Award

This is designed to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of business and finance, such as treasurers, finance committee members, finance consultants, contributors, fund raisers, or product sale personnel. It is named in honor of one of the founding fathers of the organization, who later became the U. S Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Collier also wrote the "Fire Maker's Desire."

 Ernest Thompson Seton Award

This award is for outstanding, creative contributions to the council. It is reserved for four or more years of service so outstanding that it is recognized throughout the council. This award honors one of Camp Fire's founders, who also designed the first symbols used in Camp Fire.

 Luther Halsey Gulick Award

This award is the highest form of recognition in the local council and recognizes extraordinary council leadership over an extended period of time. It is reserved for very special people and named after the founder of Camp Fire, Luther Halsey Gulick. Its symbolic gold pin depicts crossed logs and flame within the traditional WoHeLo triangle.