More FAQ’s

Where will the club meet?

This is up to the club leader. Some choose to meet at their homes or alternate between member’s homes. Other clubs meet at a school, church or community center.

How large are the clubs?

The average club size is 6-10 youth. There must be 2 adults present at all meetings, for risk management and safety purposes.

What are the levels of the club program for different ages?

  • Starflight – grades K-2
  • Adventure – grades 3-5
  • Discovery – grades 6-8
  • Horizon – grades 9-12

What about uniforms?

We strongly recommend that members wear the official Camp Fire vest. We find that it builds pride in the organization as well as encouraging a sense of belonging. The vest and other official Camp Fire merchandise is available through the Council office at 340 Pomeroy Ave., Pismo Beach.