More about club meetings...

Our five trails help youth form positive and healthy values, attitudes and skills: Trail to the Environment -- helps youth understand and apreciate our connection with nature. Trail to the Future -- focuses on developing mental and physical skills to help guide youth toward a successful future. Trail to Knowing Me -- focuses on increasing each individual's self-knowledge through building relationships, commuication skills and reflections. Trail to Creativity -- stimulates imagination and creativity through activities involving the arts. Trail to Family and Community -- Strengthens each child's place in their family and community by embracing diversity with a focus on service learning and citizenship. Youth help decide which trails they would like to follow in their club, and earn emblems and beads upon completion of trail activities. They also learn the value of ceremony and recognition as a way of reflecting upon their accomplishments.

Some of the activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Camping
  • Outdoor skills and nature study
  • Leadership development
  • Songs and games
  • Giving service to others
  • Cooking
  • Dramatic play
  • Field trips

Where will the club meet?

This is up to the club leader. Some choose to meet at their homes or alternate between member’s homes. Other clubs meet at a school, church or community center. Field trips may be arranged based on the interests of the Club and Leader availability. There are also special events throughout the year including seasonal parades, gatherings, community service projects, and more.

How large are the clubs?

The average club size is 6-10 youth.

What are the levels of the club program for different ages?

  • Starflight – grades K-2
  • Adventure – grades 3-5
  • Discovery – grades 6-8
  • Horizon – grades 9-12

What about uniforms?

We encourage parents to purchase the official Camp Fire vest and for youth to wear the vest to each Club Meeting. We find that it builds pride in the organization as well as encouraging a sense of belonging. The vest and other official Camp Fire merchandise is available through the Council office. (Please call before coming as office hours are limited: 805-773-5126.)