The curriculum that walks middle school youth through the often-bewildering process of learning to communicate with others effectively, both learning how to get their point across to others and understanding what others are trying to say to them. This will help them prevent conflict, or manage it more successfully if it can’t be prevented. It will also allow them to strengthen relationships with their friends, parents, teachers, and others whom they will spend their lives needing to work with and understand.


What outcomes will be achieved?

Camp Fire InterACTION strives to equip youth with communication skills to better express themselves with peers and adults in their lives. Participants will gain a keen understanding of other’s communication styles and how to be effective communicators themselves. Specifically, InterACTION aims to:

1.      Increase youth’s communication confidence

a.      At least 70% of participating youth will report feeling confident that they will speak out to share what is important to them

2.      Increase youth’s ability to solve problems by communicating effectively and avoiding conflict

a.      At least 70% of participating youth will express confidence in solving problems

3.      Increase youth’s ability to better understand the audience they are communicating with

a.      At least 70% of participating youth will agree that they think about other’s point of view when communicating with them