History "For Sale"

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As you know, Camp Arroyo Grande is for sale. Some say it is history for sale. Camp Fire has utilized Camp Arroyo Grande during the first week of summer for 50 years. We understand how special the camp is and the potential it has for our community. The camp is 29.3 acres of open space in the heart of the Village of Arroyo Grande. It is minutes away from the freeway for the convenience of families and their campers. The environment reminds one of the terrain behind Lopez Lake…..giving the feeling that one is miles away from the city.

The camp site provides a pool, amphitheater, dining space for 100, cabins and the infamous Tabernacle, a unique 12 sided structure that can accommodate 200 people. The camp has been underutilized for many years.

Cal Pac is the trustee of the property and is located in Pasadena and is the camping division of the United Methodist Church. They would like the Tabernacle dismantled or destroyed by December 31,2016 to prevent a historical designation attached to the property for the future purchaser, allowing them to maximize their profits on the sale of the property.

Though this may be their right, it is just not right.

I am asking for a call to action by the City Council to; 

1.) Reread Professor and past Arroyo Grande Resident Nick Mallard’s letter recently sent to council members. His insights are thoughtful, profound and inspiring and can be found on Facebook entitled Save Camp Arroyo Grande along with comments by its growing 500 followers.

2.) I ask the Council to utilize all its power and creativity to preserve and save Camp Arroyo Grande. A collaboration is being formed to support you in your efforts. I would ask that you look at the Dinosaur Cave Park where the citizens of Pismo Beach and their representatives discovered a creative way to purchase and save their precious resource.

3.) Please know that Camp Fire is ready to provide its resources in helping save Camp Arroyo Grande for all Arroyo Grande citizens to enjoy.

This camp must be saved and it must be saved on your watch as a member of the City Council. Please help lead us to save and preserve the historic 29.3 acres Camp Arroyo Grande and the unique and rare 12 sided structure, known as the “Tabernacle,” for all community members to enjoy through recreation, camping, and worship.