Youth Club Membership

Youth Club Membership

Find your "Spark" in Camp Fire through a Youth Club Membership! Now through October 15th is Open Enrollment for new Club Members, PreK through 12th Grades!*

We are also seeking "Spark Champions" - Adult Club Members to lead groups of youth who enroll in membership.

(*Youth and Adult Membership is subject to our ability to match adult leaders with youth members while maintaining a good adult/child ratio.)

Total Amount
Club Membership best
Parents, are you interested in becoming a club leader, a "Spark Champion" for youth? Please mark "yes" or "no." Our club materials are flexible and easy to follow, and you can hold your Club meetings at at time that works well for you. Most of our Leaders are busy working professionals with motivation to "light the fire within" the lives of youth, spend intentional time with their children and friends, and make a positive impact on their world. If this describes you, please mark "yes." Call 805-773-5126 with questions.
List all medical conditions, allergies or disabilities our staff and volunteers should be made aware of (or type "None.") Separate each condition with a comma -- e.g. 'Bee pollen allergy, peanut allergy' etc.


Parent/Guardian: Entering your name below serves as your electronic signature. Legal Statement regarding Camp Fire Registration: My child has permission to participate in the activities and trips during the season for which he/she is enrolled. I understand that Camp Fire activities have inherent risks and that reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard the health and safety of all participants, and authorize Camp Fire to provide appropriate routine and emergency care of my child and any dispensing of medications and/or transportation necessary for that care. I understand that I will be notified as soon as possible in case of any emergency, unusual illness or injury affecting my child. In the event I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the alternate contact people to act on my behalf, and authorize Camp Fire to contact a physician and to provide any necessary professional services. I accept responsibility for the cost of such treatments. I will assure that my child is properly prepared for all activities including having proper clothing and equipment, being in good health and willing and able to participate in all activities, and be willing and able to abide by Camp Fire policies and follow directions of Camp Fire personnel. I will provide current health history information. I will assure that my child will not bring valuables, money, electronic items, weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs to Camp Fire activities. If my child is photographed, filmed or recorded while participating in Camp Fire activities, Camp Fire or other approved partnering organizations may use the photo, film or recording for publicity, promotional or instructional purposes. I have read and understand this Statement regarding Camp Fire Registration; my electronic signature herein is record of my agreement of such.