Camp Fire Membership

Adult and Youth Membership is one of the many ways you can give through Camp Fire.

Annual Adult Membership gifts of $50 -- or your donation of any amount -- supports our local charter and pays membership dues for the National organization of Camp Fire.

A $50 donation toward Youth Membership helps one underprivileged youth participate in our Club Program; a sponsorship of $400 or more provides membership for a Group or Club of 8+ youth.

You can make a membership donation by clicking HERE and entering a contribution amount of your choice.

Discover your Spark

Your giving matters... Giving through Camp Fire means helping a young person find their Spark, their passion, their purpose. We know that youth with direction in life are more likely to succeed and less likely to engage in unhealthy, unsocial, or unsafe behaviors. As Jose, one of our teen participants put it, "I went to bed with a smile last night because I made a difference." You can make a difference with your gift today.

Camp Fire is a non-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families since the days of Shirley Temple — active here on the Central Coast since the 1930's! Our clubs, camps and community events are designed to help K-12th graders "find their Spark" and Thrive through volunteer service, connection with nature, expressions of creativity, leadership activities, and events throughout the year. We welcome all youth, without regard to ethnicity, gender, creed, national origin, economic status, etc. As an organization, we seek to improve those conditions in society that affect young people.