Camp Fire invites you to join us as we launch a new program, providing outdoor learning experiences to middle and high school students. OWLS = Outdoor Wilderness Leadership & Survival. This dynamic program will be facilitated through connection with local school districts who have reached out to us with a need for connecting young people with nature - something that...

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CLICK HERE to order your poinsettias online, or call 805-773-5126 or 481-5618 for more information.

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We know the youth of today want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the experience everyone needs to discover who they are - find their spark - lift their voice, and become a leader in this generation. Camp Fire Clubs are making the world a better place, one person at a time.  Click...

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                Sharing the Spirit of Natoma


In 1976 a 10-year master plan was written by two Cal Poly students to complete their senior project and...

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Recently, I was interviewed on a radio station in Paso Robles. I enthusiastically shared all the virtues of Camp Fire; our magnificent clubs, our growing after school programs and our terrific camps. One listener, “Betty Robles”, called the radio station immediately after we got off the air and insisted she talk with me. I was escorted to a private office where I had the liveliest of...

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Adult and Youth Membership is one of the many ways you can give through Camp Fire.

Annual Adult Membership gifts of $50 -- or your donation of any amount -- supports our local charter and pays membership dues for the National organization of Camp Fire.

A $50 donation toward Youth Membership helps one underprivileged youth participate in our Club Program; a sponsorship of $400 or...

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