After School Programs FAQs

An Experiential Small Group Approach

Camp Fire Central Coast delivers experiential program activities in small-group formats because young people learn best from “hands-on” activities that they help create. From outdoor camp experiences to conflict resolution programs, Camp Fire works to meet the needs of our community’s youth.

“Becoming involved in Camp Fire gives youth opportunities to try new things, make new friendships that will last a lifetime, and learn new skills. They participate in service learning projects and discover the importance of the outdoors. For some kids, they are trying the outdoors for the first time and find they love it!”  — Kathy Bishop, Camp Fire Leader

Camp Fire builds caring, confident youth and future leaders by paying attention to what Sparks a passion. At Camp Fire, that’s what we do. We listen, we encourage, and we provide the opportunity to uncover each young person’s unique interests. 


Frequently asked questions include:

What is a Camp Fire Club?

What is the purpose of Camp Fire Programs?

What’s the difference between Camp Fire, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?

What does it cost to register?

Where will the club meet?

How large are the groups?

What will my child do in club meetings?

What are the levels of the club program for different ages?

What about uniforms?