Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Campfire Coffee Co. & Camp Fire National Join Forces to Encourage Kids


Absolutely Incredible Kid Day: March 18, 2021


Sparks are flying around here - both literally and figuratively - and we are fired up about it. The Spark Roast coffee is a fun partnership between youth development organization Camp Fire and Campfire Coffee all about igniting the flame in the young people in our communities. Spark Roast is roasted over a real open flame campfire with all the smokey goodness you’d imagine. The sparks from the crackling wood dance around the coffee as it roasts to impart a smooth, full, low acid, non-bitter flavor. A real treat for even the self-proclaimed “non-coffee drinkers.” 


What’s more is why the two organizations with the same awesome name made this happen: A shared passion for developing young people through time well spent in the outdoors and truly believing that igniting a spark in the kids in our communities is worth it. They are truly, absolutely incredible kids. (Plus, a little spark of caffeine in the adults won’t hurt a bit.)


Each bag is 6.4 oz: Our custom Camp Fire Spark Roast is a full bean, medium-dark Indonesian coffee. (Pre-ground coffee is not an option with this fund

raiser). Each bag is $10 and $5 from each Spark Roast you sell will go to your council. This is a limited-edition run, and once the Spark Roast sells out, the promotion will end. 






Check out this interview with Quincy the owner of Camp Fire Coffee Company to Learn More: