Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

March 16, 2017

Children and youth need support and positive reinforcement from adults. This need is paramount among young people regardless of class or socio-economic status. In a time when cyber bullying, drug abuse, suicide and peer pressure plague America’s youth, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day provides a glimpse of hope for young people who often feel alone or forgotten.  Although writing a letter of encouragement may only take a few minutes, these notes will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. Download your official Absolutely Incredible Kid Day Stationery AIKD Letterhead or check out Sample AIKD Letters.

Celebrating its 19th anniversary, Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® honors our nation’s youth by asking adults to write letters of encouragement and inspiration to the incredible kids in their lives. Youth from around the nation will be celebrating along with you as we recognize absolutely incredible kids at Camp Fire Central Coast, around the nation, and through a Camp Fire national media relations effort via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, in video on YouTube and at live events.

What is AIKD?


AIKD is a day designated to honor our nation’s youth. Adults and teens are asked to write, post, tweet, and hashtag #AIKD notes of encouragement and inspiration. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. Lives are changed by this simple act of love and kindness.

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